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Scottish Government announces same sex marriage bill

The Scottish Government has outlined its legislative priorities for the 2012-13 parliamentary year, which include the introduction of the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill.

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Composition of households in Scotland

The latest Scottish Household Survey (SHS) Annual Report, published by Scotland’s Chief Statistician, has given a breakdown of the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households in 2011.

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No prenup for Hollywood actress

Actress Jennifer Aniston will not be signing a prenuptial agreement with her husband-to-be, Justin Theroux, reports the Business Standard.

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Intergenerational living becoming more common

Intergenerational living could be set to become the norm, with three quarters of UK adults saying they’ve lived with another generation of their family beyond age 18.

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Separation offers poor couples an alternative to divorce

Couples on lower incomes are more likely to undergo a long-term separation than more affluent couples, according to a recent study from America.

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US Supreme Court to hear international custody case

The US Supreme Court is to hear an international custody case involving a Scottish woman and her American ex-husband, reports the Scotsman.

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Actor signs prenuptial agreement with fourth wife

Comedian and actor John Cleese was reluctant to sign a prenuptial agreement with his fourth wife, despite her willingness to do so, reports the Daily Mail.

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Traditional views on marriage, divorce and children

A recent survey from America has found that, despite growing up in an era of celebrity marriages and widespread divorce, today's young people are remarkably traditional about their expectations for love, marriage and children.

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New sheriff court rules following Children's Hearings Act

The Scottish Court Service has launched a consultation on 'Proposals for Procedural Rules in the Sheriff Court for the Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011'.

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Registrar General’s annual review

The Registrar General has published the Annual Review of Demographic Trends for 2011, which shows that after nine years of continuous growth, Scotland’s population in mid-2011 reached 5,254,800 - the highest ever. These figures, based on 2001 Census data, show a rise of 190,600 people over that period.

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Celebrity divorces fuel spike in divorce questions

Information released by Avvo, Inc., the American online legal and health advice website, has revealed a correlation between celebrity divorce in the news and increased demand for consumer legal advice concerning divorce.

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Government to legalise same sex marriage

The Scottish Government has confirmed that it intends to legislate to allow same sex marriage. The legislation will be accompanied by important protections for freedom of speech and religion.

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Children to lose out in child maintenance reforms

Millions of pounds for children will be lost in the government’s shake-up of the child maintenance system warns Gingerbread, as new DWP data reveals that 100,000 parents are expected to drop out of the system and stop getting child maintenance altogether.

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Report into how income levels affect views on marriage

Poor people hold more traditional values toward marriage and divorce than people with moderate and higher incomes, according to researchers at UCLA.

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Government’s vision to transform child maintenance system

The Government has unveiled detailed plans for the new and radically reshaped child maintenance system in Great Britain. There will be extra help for separated parents who want to support their children and new penalties for those who won't.

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Holmes/Cruise pre-nup?

The news that actress Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from superstar Tom Cruise has sparked a frenzy of press speculation about the likely divorce settlement.

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Love will keep us apart

New research has revealed the extreme measures British couples go to in order to strengthen their relationship, with one in ten sleeping in separate bedrooms every night of the week.

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Parliament launches investigation into care process

The Scottish Parliament's Education and Culture Committee is to conduct an examination of the decisions made about when or if a child should be removed from the family home.

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Single people are 'mating' with friends for life

A new report has revealed that almost three quarters of singles have friends who will be friends for life, and four in five say that friendships last longer than romantic relationships. Men in particular are saying no to marriage. Just three in ten single men think they will ever get married, and 48% think single people are more fun.

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Marital conflict study

A recent study from America has looked at how good married couples are at recognising each other's emotions during conflict.

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