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Family Law Arbitration Aberdeen

arbitration lawyer aberdeen

Arbitration is an alternative to court. The parties appoint a family arbiter who acts as an independent judge and makes a decision on a family law issue. This allows both parties to present their case and views to the arbiter who will then give a legally binding and enforceable decision.

Benefits of Arbitration

There are many benefits of choosing arbitration over litigation. Arbitration can be cheaper than having your issue resolved in court and it can also allow matters to be concluded quickly. It gives parties the freedom to choose their decision maker and the place, date and time when the arbitration will take place. Arbitration also can facilitate a much less stressful and adversarial experience than would be had in court.

Our Expertise

Amongst our team we have two family arbiters who can be appointed as decision makers.

Contact us today to find out how you could use arbitration to help you resolve your family law issue.

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