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Situations such as divorce, separation and child contact disputes can be a very difficult time for all involved. Most people will want to have a constructive and positive conversation to come to a mutually agreeable outcome, but may find it hard to do so due to the pressures and strains of the situation.

For this reason, more and more people are turning to collaborative law as a helpful way of coming to a mutual agreement.

Collaborative Law Process

The collaborative process assists couples who are separating to resolve their differences outside of court. At the outset the parties and their solicitors sign up to an agreement governing how they will deal with matters and as part of that they expressly agree to resolve matters without going to court. In the event that the collaborative process breaks down then the solicitors involved are barred from representing their clients at court and so the parties would require to instruct a new solicitor. 

Each person appoints his or her own trained collaborative solicitor.

All negotiations take place in four-way settlement meetings where both the couple and their solicitors are present. When a settlement is reached, an agreement is drawn up by the solicitors setting out the terms of what has been agreed. This can allow any subsequent divorce to be dealt with on an undefended and straightforward basis.

The benefits of family law collaboration include:

  • Working together to find the best solution for you, your former partner and your children;
  • Many people find that working together to reach a solution is much faster and cost-effective than going to court to resolve matters;
  • Working things out together is usually much less confrontational and stressful than having them resolved in court;
  • It gives couples a greater chance of maintaining a good working relationship moving forward for the sake of their children;
  • You retain control of the process and the decisions made.

Other experts, such as financial experts can be brought into the process to provide options for both parties – as opposed to each party having to go and instruct their own advisors separately at greater cost.

Our Expertise

Family Law Aberdeen are committed to helping families resolve disputes in as constructive and peaceful a manner as possible. Our team can boast three mediators, four collaborative lawyers and two trained arbiters.

Contact our friendly family law team today to find out how we can help you with your family situation. Visit for further information.

Collaborative Family Lawyers Aberdeen

Our trained collaborative solicitors will be happy to discuss this process with you if you would like further information. Please complete our on-line enquiry form or call our team on 01224 515591.

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