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Single people are 'mating' with friends for life

A new report has revealed that almost three quarters of singles have friends who will be friends for life, and four in five say that friendships last longer than romantic relationships. Men in particular are saying no to marriage. Just three in ten single men think they will ever get married, and 48% think single people are more fun.

The report from, entitled 'Friendships, Finance and the Future: The rise of Singledom in the UK', also identifies a new demographic in UK society: FLAPers (Financially Liberated and Positively Single). This is a new breed of single people who are turning the tables on the stereotype of the sad singleton and embracing the adventure and spontaneity. Like the flappers of the 1920s, who threw away their corsets and sought independent lifestyles, these FLAPers are celebrating a new era of positivity and empowerment in the wake of troubled times.

As people stay single for longer, they are realising how much they rely on their friends for the things traditionally provided by a partner. Friends offer a shoulder to cry on: 45% of singles turn to their friends first for emotional support. Friends know each other inside out too: 30% of singles say the person who knows them best in life is a friend.

To many single people, marriage is viewed as an old fashioned idea. 21% of single men think marriage is out-dated while 34% of single women think marriage lacks the value it once had.

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