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Intergenerational living becoming more common

Intergenerational living could be set to become the norm, with three quarters of UK adults saying they’ve lived with another generation of their family beyond age 18.

Research from Aviva’s latest Family Finances Report shows that 73% of over-18s - amounting to around 36 million people - have lived with extended family into adulthood, with the vast majority citing saving money as the reason.

The majority of shared living occurs when children remain in the family home during their late teens and 20s while looking for work. This accounts for 37% of family lodgers.

Other common types of inter-generational living include:

  • students who live at home during university (18%),
  • couples living with one set of parents (10%),
  • adult children living with their parents after a relationship break-down or divorce (7%),
  • couples living with their children and parents (4%),
  • single parents living with their parents and their children (3%), and
  • older family members moving in with the family (3%).


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