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Latest statistics on vital events

Recent provisional statistics from the Registrar General for Scotland have shown that:

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NSPCC warns of child neglect crisis

The NSPCC is warning that a sharp increase in reports of neglect cases will place additional pressure on already stretched children's services.

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Putting safety first in family law

Recent legislative developments in Australia are expected to make significant changes to the way that family law decisions are made.

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Young people living with their parents

The number of people aged 20 to 34 who still live with their parents increased by 20% between 1997 and 2011, according to analysis published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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Calls for Government to scrap flawed child poverty targets

Crude and flawed yardsticks for measuring child poverty should be scrapped and replaced with a range of new indicators reflecting the true causes of deprivation, according to a think-tank.

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Couples recommend financial honesty before marriage

A recent survey from America has found that around 48% of divorced or separated adults questioned wished they had spent more time discussing finances before getting married. Around 29% of those currently married said the same.

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Call for foster carers for brothers and sisters in Scotland

Almost two-thirds of local authorities in Scotland have had to split up siblings who are in care over the past year owing to the shortage of foster families, new research from the Fostering Network has shown.

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Wide variety of family structures

Parenting website, Netmums, has recently carried out a survey which found there 35 different family types currently in existence in the UK, reports the Scotsman.

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Errors in child maintenance accounts

The National Audit Office has reported that the Auditor General has once again been unable to give a full sign off to the Client Funds Account of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission because of the level of error in maintenance assessments.

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More women pay alimony and child support

A recent study from America has found that more women than ever are paying alimony and child support to their former partners following divorce, reports the Chicago Tribune.

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Urgent need for more foster carers

A child comes into care and needs a foster family every six hours across Scotland, the Fostering Network has revealed.

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Marriages, civil unions and divorces in New Zealand

A recent release from Statistics New Zealand has revealed that there were 20,231 marriages registered to New Zealand residents in 2011. This is the lowest number of marriages since 2001 when 19,972 weddings were celebrated. The number of divorces also dropped, down from 8,874 in 2010 to 8,551 in 2011.

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Kinship carers in Scotland face unequal treatment

Children's charity, CHILDREN 1ST, has recently carried out research into the support kinship carers receive across different local authorities. The study revealed that the level of financial help available to carers varies considerably, depending on where they live.

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Children’s hearings reform

The Scottish Government has agreed to extend the timetable for planned reforms to Scotland’s children’s hearings system following advice from experts within the sector.

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Bringing child maintenance under direct Ministerial control

Following a public consultation last year, an order has been laid in Parliament to bring the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission back under direct Ministerial control as a business unit of the Department for Work and Pensions.

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Scottish Government announces first forced marriage protection order

The Scottish Government has announced that the first protection order has been issued in Scotland to protect a victim of forced marriage.

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Calls for kinship care awareness campaign

The Fostering Network is calling on the Government to launch a public awareness campaign in Northern Ireland to ensure kinship carers get the essential advice and support they need.

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Life expectancy may affect decision to divorce

Major life decisions such as marriage, divorce and having a child may be subconsciously influenced by how long people believe they will live, according to a Canadian study by Queen’s University.

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Modern women marry within same social class

A recent study by think tank IPPR has found that British women and men are choosing to marry partners who are increasingly from the same social class as themselves, despite modern society offering them more choice than ever before.

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Shelter reports increased demand for domestic abuse advice

A Facebook advertising campaign on domestic violence run by Shelter Scotland to coincide with the last Old Firm football match resulted in a huge surge in visits to its web site from women looking for help and advice.

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