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family mediation aberdeen

Many people associate divorce and separation with expensive and emotional battles across a courtroom.

However, most cases are very far removed from that perception with most separating couples aiming to come to a mutually agreeable outcome in as amicable and constructive a manner as possible.

However, family situations such as divorce and separation can be incredibly difficult and emotional, so many couples find the best way to come to a constructive agreement is with the help and support of an independent mediator.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process enabling you and your spouse or former partner to reach an agreement with the assistance of an independent third-party mediator. The mediator can help you to consider all the options open to you and to reach your own solution. The mediator doesn’t take sides but they will try to help you both reach decisions.

Mediation is well suited to family situations such as separation, divorce and child contact disputes.

In this process, both parties instruct the same mediator. Once a consensus has been reached at mediation a summary is prepared by the mediator. Both parties then require to instruct separate solicitors to formalise any agreement and conclusions reached. By using a mediator to help you reach a consensus on how you want to resolve matters, and a separate solicitor only to formalise matters, this may result in the overall process being more cost effective than if you are involving separate solicitors in the full negotiation process. You can instruct a mediator directly without having to go to your own solicitor first. 

Family Mediation Aberdeen

Family Law Aberdeen boasts a strong family law team who are highly experienced in helping families come to agreements in as constructive a manner as possible.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how mediation could help you find a positive solution to your family situation.

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