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Law firms across Scotland have noted in some cases a 125% rise in the number of post-nuptial agreements they are drafting. Most of these agreements are concerning second marriages or late bequests. Clients are using post-nuptial agreements to protect their own assets in the event of marriage breakdown.
Earlier this week the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of passing a bill banning the physical punishment of children. The bill was lodged by MSP for the Scottish Green Party, John Finnie and supported by the SNP Government. The law is designed to remove ‘justifiable assault’ in Scots law, giving children equal protection from violence. Finnie said that he wants to send a clear message that physical punishment of children is not acceptable.
The new law concerning domestic abuse in Scotland has now come into force, making coercive and controlling behaviour a crime. The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018, passed by the Scottish Parliament in February 2018 has been widely supported and seen as the ‘gold standard’ of domestic abuse law.

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