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Family Law Aberdeen offer a fixed fee initial meeting package at £250 + VAT. This includes meeting with one of the team to discuss your family law situation. We will then follow up with an email summarising matters.

For those who are concerned about costs then this can be a helpful way of getting some initial advice without committing yourself to doing anything beyond that point.

It is often difficult where a couple has separated to give you an indication at the outset of the overall cost of your case. This is because the costs involved will vary depending on (1) the complexity of the matter, (2) the attitude of your former spouse or partner and (3) the way in which you decide to resolve matters (i.e. whether you chose to use an alternative way of resolving your dispute through mediation, collaborative law or arbitration). 

Many people are concerned about the costs of instructing a solicitor, particularly in the case of a separation where financial uncertainty is often a major concern for both parties. There may be a tendency to try and “do it yourself” and keep costs as low as possible. A separation can however involve the untangling of assets built up over years or even decades. Without realising it once you take into account the value of your home, pensions, savings, etc it is not uncommon for the total value involved to reach into the hundreds of thousands if not more. It is therefore important to carefully consider the best way to untangle these so that there is financial certainty for you moving forward. This will not necessarily be achieved by a quick “do it yourself” option. Taking proper advice is an investment in your future.

We know that costs are a concern to clients and we take care to be clear and upfront about them. In addition for certain types of works we can provide estimates of the likely costs and fixed fees.

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