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Recognition for grandparent carers

Campaigners have welcomed the adoption of a policy amendment by the Liberal Democrats at their recent party conference which would see grandparents and family carers entitled to paid leave from work if they step in to raise a child who cannot live with their parents.

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Drinking habits affect likelihood of divorce

A recent study from Norway has found a link between a couple’s pattern of alcohol use and the likelihood of divorce.

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Too many children waiting for adoption

One of the UK’s main children’s charities has highlighted the sad fact that too many children are being passed over for adoption because of individual personal characteristics, such as their age, ethnicity, disability or because they have siblings.

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Most common relationship niggles

A recent survey has found that, on average, couples can think of 12 annoying habits their partner possesses.

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Scottish Government launches national parenting strategy

The Scottish Government has launched its national parenting strategy, which aims to provide Scotland's parents with easier and better access to information and support.

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Should women prioritise their husbands or their children?

A survey of counseling professionals from has offered surprising insights into the romantic relationships of couples with kids. Shockingly, the survey reveals that half of experts polled agree: wives should prioritise their husbands over their kids.

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Scottish Government announces same sex marriage bill

The Scottish Government has outlined its legislative priorities for the 2012-13 parliamentary year, which include the introduction of the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill.

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Composition of households in Scotland

The latest Scottish Household Survey (SHS) Annual Report, published by Scotland’s Chief Statistician, has given a breakdown of the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households in 2011.

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Intergenerational living becoming more common

Intergenerational living could be set to become the norm, with three quarters of UK adults saying they’ve lived with another generation of their family beyond age 18.

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US Supreme Court to hear international custody case

The US Supreme Court is to hear an international custody case involving a Scottish woman and her American ex-husband, reports the Scotsman.

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Registrar General’s annual review

The Registrar General has published the Annual Review of Demographic Trends for 2011, which shows that after nine years of continuous growth, Scotland’s population in mid-2011 reached 5,254,800 - the highest ever. These figures, based on 2001 Census data, show a rise of 190,600 people over that period.

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Single people are 'mating' with friends for life

A new report has revealed that almost three quarters of singles have friends who will be friends for life, and four in five say that friendships last longer than romantic relationships. Men in particular are saying no to marriage. Just three in ten single men think they will ever get married, and 48% think single people are more fun.

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