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Newlyweds Advised to Share Household Chores

Newly married couples are advised to share household chores equally between them if they want to have a happy and long-lasting marriage, according to new research from America.

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Doing housework together can improve relationships

The subject of how the division of housework can affect relationships is once again under the spotlight, with a new study from Brigham Young University claiming that couples who carry out the work together have a stronger and happier relationship.

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Relationship anxiety is bad for your health

A recent study from Ohio State University has found that concerns and anxieties about one’s close relationships appear to function as a chronic stressor that can compromise immunity.

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Report into how income levels affect views on marriage

Poor people hold more traditional values toward marriage and divorce than people with moderate and higher incomes, according to researchers at UCLA.

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Love will keep us apart

New research has revealed the extreme measures British couples go to in order to strengthen their relationship, with one in ten sleeping in separate bedrooms every night of the week.

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Marital conflict study

A recent study from America has looked at how good married couples are at recognising each other's emotions during conflict.

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Calls for Government to scrap flawed child poverty targets

Crude and flawed yardsticks for measuring child poverty should be scrapped and replaced with a range of new indicators reflecting the true causes of deprivation, according to a think-tank.

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Shelter reports increased demand for domestic abuse advice

A Facebook advertising campaign on domestic violence run by Shelter Scotland to coincide with the last Old Firm football match resulted in a huge surge in visits to its web site from women looking for help and advice.

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Commitment to marriage

Psychologists at UCLA have recently carried out a study to find out what commitment to marriage really means. A deeper level of commitment, the psychologists report, is a much better predictor of lower divorce rates and fewer problems in marriage.

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