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Life expectancy may affect decision to divorce

Major life decisions such as marriage, divorce and having a child may be subconsciously influenced by how long people believe they will live, according to a Canadian study by Queen’s University.


“Life expectancy might be driving all of these major decisions,” says Daniel Krupp, a post doctoral fellow in the Queen’s math department.

The research found that the longer someone expects to live, the more they will be prepared to invest time and money in obtaining a better education. Similarly, if someone expects their life expectancy to be short, they may decide to get married and start a family sooner, or stick with the partner they are currently with rather than seek a divorce.

While no one knows exactly how long they will live, the research suggests that people may subconsciously have expectations about their life expectancy based on factors such as family medical history, their own state of health and how risky their job is.


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