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Social Media Significant Factor in Marriage Issues

According to research carried out by Slater and Gordon a quarter of couples argue due to their partners use of social media.

Just under 50% of adults in the UK admit that they have secretly checked their partners social media accounts with one in five arguing as a result of what they found.

It is believed by some that social media is a significant factor in arguments with just under 25% or the 2,000 married persons surveyed stating that they had at least one argument a week with their partner due to revelations found in social media.  17% said they rowed every day because of it.

“Marriage Minefield.”

Head of family law at Slater and Gordon, Andrew Newbury, who carried out the report stated: "Five years ago Facebook was rarely mentioned in the context of a marriage ending, but now it has become commonplace for clients to cite social media use, or something they discovered on social media, as a reason for divorce.

"With more than 556 million people using Facebook each day, the way we live our lives, and our marriages, has drastically changed. We are finding that social media is the new marriage minefield.

"Social media, specifically pictures and posts on Facebook, are now being routinely raised in the course of divorce proceedings.

"It wasn't just what their partner was doing on social media but also how long they spent on it that was likely to cause marital problems with Facebook usage topping the list of reasons couples argued over social media."

Social Media Leading to Divorce

The argument often occurred as a result of inappropriate pictures or contact with an ex-partner. Facebook was considered to be the most dangerous of the social media tools with Whatsapp and others close behind. 10% of those surveyed admitted that they hid certain things from their partner, with 8% admitting that they had secret accounts.

In total 15% admitted that they believed social media was dangerous for their marriage and could be a reason for divorce. Over 50% admitted that they knew their partners login details without their partners knowledge.

The author of the report stated that social media was certainly a cause for divorce and could make it worse. He said: “Divorce is already a stressful time for everyone involved and what is being posted on Facebook can antagonise families and make a speedy resolution more difficult to achieve.

"We are now actively advising our clients to be cautious when it comes to using Facebook and all forms of social media because of its potential to damage relationships."

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