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Relationship Quality can Impact on Wellbeing

Newly released data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has suggested that people who are separated, divorced, widowed or single are more likely to report poorer personal wellbeing than those who are married or in civil partnerships. 

Commenting on the statistics, Chris Sherwood, Chief Executive at relationship support charity, Relate said:

“Good quality relationships are fundamental to our health and wellbeing. These statistics show that people who are divorced or separated are more likely to report poor wellbeing, suggesting that if we’re to reduce wellbeing inequalities, making relationship support available to everyone who needs it would be a good place to start. Counselling can improve communication and prevent relationships from ending unnecessarily, but it can also support anyone going through divorce or separation to move on with their lives, become successful co-parents and form healthy relationships in the future.

“Whilst these statistics suggest that “single” people are more likely to report poor wellbeing, they don’t differentiate between single people in a relationship but not married or in a civil partnership and those not in a relationship. We know from a wealth of evidence that good quality relationships of all kinds have a positive effect on our wellbeing and that poor quality relationships can be detrimental, regardless of official relationship status.

“With bad health the strongest factor associated with poor wellbeing, it’s important that the new Secretary of State for Health considers the strong link between health and relationships in the context of reducing wellbeing inequalities.”

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