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Research identifies ten questions to ask for martial success

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter identified ten key questions partners should ask each other before getting married, in order to minimise the possibility of future separation.

The team compiled evidence from ten divorce lawyers and two judges about what the most common reasons for divorce are. The lawyers and judges agreed that the main reasons for divorce were: incompatibility, unrealistic expectations, an inability to face problems, and a failure to 'nurture' the relationship. The researchers then compared this information with the testimony of 43 couples who had successful or unsuccessful marriages. University of Exeter researchers used this information to identify ten questions couples should ask each other before getting married:

  1. Are my partner and I a 'good fit'?
  2. Do we have a strong basis of friendship?
  3. Do we want the same things in our relationship and out of life?
  4. Are our expectations realistic?
  5. Do we generally see the best in each other?
  6. Do we both work at keeping our relationship vibrant?
  7. Do we both feel we can discuss things freely and raise issues with each other?
  8. Are we both committed to working through hard times?
  9. When we face stressful circumstances would we pull together to get through it?
  10. Do we each have supportive others around us?

The research draws attention to some of the relationship skills that couples might commonly lack, and the team argued that a greater emphasis on learning these skills in schools would decrease the incidence of divorce.

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