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Fostering Children Moving Too Often Report Finds

A report from the Fostering Network has stated that too many children are moving too often in care, with almost 50% of foster children with their third foster family.

The survey carried out by the Fostering Network found that over 30% of children between the age of 5-10 were living with their third foster family. Furthermore, 8% of all foster children living with their tenth or more foster family.

According to the foster network over 5,500 foster children, currently live with around 4,400 foster families in Scotland.

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Younger Foster Carers Needed

More younger people need to be encouraged to foster in order to avoid a recruitment crisis, the Fostering Network has warned, with the publication of survey results showing that almost one in three foster carers are now approaching an age where they may consider retiring.

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Thousands of new foster families needed in 2014

At least 8,600 new foster families are needed across the UK during 2014 to provide stable, secure and loving homes for the record numbers of fostered children, according to figures from the Fostering Network.

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Action for Children acts to dispel fostering myths

Wide spread misunderstanding over who is eligible to foster is contributing to a chronic shortage of foster carers, according to foster care provider Action for Children.

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Call for foster carers for brothers and sisters in Scotland

Almost two-thirds of local authorities in Scotland have had to split up siblings who are in care over the past year owing to the shortage of foster families, new research from the Fostering Network has shown.

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Urgent need for more foster carers

A child comes into care and needs a foster family every six hours across Scotland, the Fostering Network has revealed.

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Calls for kinship care awareness campaign

The Fostering Network is calling on the Government to launch a public awareness campaign in Northern Ireland to ensure kinship carers get the essential advice and support they need.

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Scotland's foster children need more help

The Fostering Network has issued a warning to the Scottish Government that foster children in Scotland are being let down by a lack of proper financial support.

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Mother loses custody of obese child

A seriously overweight young boy from Ohio has been removed from his family following concerns that his weight was putting his health at risk, reports

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Fostering charity advises caution over adoption focus

The Fostering Network is advising the Government against an overwhelming focus on adoption as the way to solve the problems facing the care system, and is cautioning against the use of league tables and targets.

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