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New York judge sets aside prenup

The decision of a court in Brooklyn to cast aside a couple’s prenuptial agreement has taken family lawyers in New York by surprise, reports the New York Post.

Elizabeth and Peter Petrakis had married in 1998, and have three children. During their marriage, Peter Petrakis built up a business empire worth around $20 million.

Ms Petrakis had signed a prenuptial agreement four days before their wedding, the terms of which said that Peter Petrakis would keep everything that was in his name should the couple split up.

Ms Petrakis claimed she was coerced into signing the agreement by Mr Petrakis. She also claimed that he promised to tear up the agreement when the couple had children.

According to the New York Post, a judge has now ruled that Ms Petrakis was “fraudulently induced” by her husband into signing the prenup and that it should be set aside. The couple will now start divorce proceedings.

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