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Should Scotland Allow Adult Adoption?

Earlier this month an interesting story was reported by several media outlets that concerned adoption in Scotland and whether it should be possible for adults to be adopted. 

The story involved a 27-year-old Scottish man, Nathan Sparling, who is apparently calling on the Scottish Government to amend the Adoption & Children (Scotland) Act 2007 to allow for adoption to still take place after a child turns 18, reports the Herald.

Mr Sparling explains that he had a step-father from the age of thirteen, who he views as his real father in every way that matters. However, because Mr Sparling is over the age of 18, his step father can’t adopt him and thereby give legal recognition to their relationship.

He adds that in addition to legally formalising the relationship, adult adoption could help provide clarity and certainty in other areas, including inheritance rights.

He also highlights that allowing adult adoption will mean children are not forced into making such a decision about being adopted before they are old enough to understand exactly what it means.

According to the Herald, the Scottish Government has said that it is already looking at adoption procedures in Scotland to ensure they remain fit for purpose, and will take into account what Mr Sparling has proposed.

Adult adoption is apparently already legal in certain circumstances in several counties, including Germany, Japan and the United States.

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