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In Scotland, the ground for divorce is that a marriage has broken down irretrievably, or an interim gender recognition certificate has been issued after marriage.

There are four ways for you to establish "irretrievable breakdown":

  1. You have been separated from your spouse for at least one year. If you apply for a divorce under this heading, your spouse must provide their written consent; or
  2. You have been separated from your spouse for at least two years; or
  3. Your spouse has committed adultery; or
  4. Your spouse has shown behaviour which is so unreasonable that you cannot be expected to continue to live with them.

If you and your spouse have financial or child-related matters to resolve then it is usually advisable to agree these if you can, with the benefit of separate legal advice, before applying for divorce. We can assist you in resolving matters in order to achieve a mutual settlement.

How Family Law Aberdeen Can Assist With Divorce

There are a number of different ways to resolve matters out with court, including negotiation, mediation, collaboration and arbitration. We can provide more information on all of these processes and discuss what is best for your own circumstances.

Once you and your spouse have agreed and concluded your financial and child-related matters, then a divorce action can proceed on agreed terms.
If you do not have any children under the age of 16, then you may be entitled to apply for a divorce under the Simplified Procedure.  If you and your spouse have children under age of 16, then there is a specific divorce procedure which must be followed.

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