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Cohabitation Agreement Lawyers Aberdeen

cohabitation agreement aberdeen

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Cohabitation is when an unmarried couple lives together. Family Law Aberdeen have experience in the legal issues that such couples may face both during their relationship and if that relationship comes to an end.

The Legal Significance of Cohabitation

If you have been living together with another person as a couple, you may be entitled to make certain financial claims if your relationship comes to an end.

  • These rights are not the same as those for married couples.
  • Any award is dependent upon particular circumstances.
  • Any claim must be made in court no later than one year after the cohabitation comes to an end.  This is an important deadline and early advice is essential.
  • The Court may order payment of a capital sum or a periodical payment in respect of care for any children.
  • The law sets out certain rules regarding ownership of household goods, money and property.
  • If your partner has died during your relationship (and while you were still living together), you may be entitled to make certain claims on their estate.
  • You can only make a claim if they died intestate (without a will covering part or all of the estate).
  • Any claim against that estate must be made within 6 months from the date of death.
  • Monies you have already received, for example from a death in service benefit, may be taken into consideration when assessing your claim.

Cohabitation Agreements Aberdeen

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