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Fostering Children Moving Too Often Report Finds

A report from the Fostering Network has stated that too many children are moving too often in care, with almost 50% of foster children with their third foster family.

The survey carried out by the Fostering Network found that over 30% of children between the age of 5-10 were living with their third foster family. Furthermore, 8% of all foster children living with their tenth or more foster family.

According to the foster network over 5,500 foster children, currently live with around 4,400 foster families in Scotland.

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Social Media Significant Factor in Marriage Issues

According to research carried out by Slater and Gordon a quarter of couples argue due to their partners use of social media.

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Materialistic couples have more problems

Materialistic couples are less likely to have a happy and stable marriage, according to new research from Brigham Young University (BYU).


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People unprepared for financial impact of divorce

A recent study in Canada set out to gauge people’s thoughts on the impact of divorce, and found that many people underestimate the financial considerations and impact of divorce.

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Economy complicates divorce and child custody

A recent survey has found that the weak U.S. economy is creating difficulties for couples seeking a divorce, and parents trying to abide by child custody arrangements. 

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Self-compassion is the key to surviving divorce

A recent study in America has looked into what characteristics allow some people to cope with the emotional strain of a divorce better than others.

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Weight gain affected by marriage and divorce

Research from America has found that getting married or divorced can have a dramatic impact on an individual's body weight, especially for those aged over 30.

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