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MPs Raise Concern Regarding Government Adoption Focus

A group of MPs have stated that they are concerned regarding the government's stance on adoption arguing that adoption should be one of a range of options” rather than the “gold standard” for children in care.

The news comes following the second reading of the Education and Adoption Bill, which encourages adoption of children in care. The bill will see adoption agencies encouraged to merge their services into regional agencies, and will allow the government to force such action if needed.

The criticism from the government’s proposals has been met with enthusiasm among some family groups and charities such as Tact, with the charity stating that the government’s focus on adoption was “unhelpful”

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Fostering charity advises caution over adoption focus

The Fostering Network is advising the Government against an overwhelming focus on adoption as the way to solve the problems facing the care system, and is cautioning against the use of league tables and targets.

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