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A recent report has highlighted a multitude of changes to Scotland’s households and families over a 10-year period, but notes that some aspects of family life have remained similar.The report, which was commissioned by Parenting across Scotland, reve
Going through divorce or separation is undoubtedly a stressful and emotional time, and its impact can be felt not only by the immediate family involved but also by wider family members such as grandparents.In recognition of this, family charity Natio
Newly married couples are advised to share household chores equally between them if they want to have a happy and long-lasting marriage, according to new research from America.The study looked at 220 newlywed couples and discovered that how household
A recent report has given an insight into family trends in 60 countries across the world, and identified key family factors affecting child and family well-being.The World Family Map study, by Child Trends, has revealed that in all regions of the wor

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