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 Railway Children, a leading children’s charity have joined with long term partner Aviva and are asking parents to tackle difficult conversations with their children to help prevent them running away from home.Part of  the campaign to encou
Fees for converting a civil partnership to a marriage are to be waived for same-sex couples currently in a civil-partnership. Culture Secretary, Sajid Javid told parliament that there is to be no fee for couples who entered into a civil partnership w
The Scottish Government has provided support of around £600,000 to Amina, a Muslim Women’s Resource Centre based in Glasgow, and Citizens Advice Direct for a specialist service helping Muslim women out of abusive relationships.These partners in tackl
The Scottish Government has announced the launch of a new strategy that aims to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls and to create a society where all can feel equally safe and respected.Equally Safe is the first strategy of its ki

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