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Single baby boomers return to the dating scene

A majority of single baby boomers say they are interested in dating and finding companionship later in life, according to Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey data.

When asked about their attitudes toward dating, 56% of single adults ages 50 to 75+ surveyed said they are open to dating, showing love and companionship knows no age limits. Among those surveyed:

  • 45% of all single boomers surveyed are actively dating, but not necessarily looking for love and marriage; while 11% want to find love and get married.
  • 17% of never-married single boomers surveyed said they still hope to find love and get married. Digging deeper, 46% of divorced singles and 29% of widowers are looking for a companion, but are not necessarily interested in marrying again.
  • 64% of younger boomers (ages 50 - 59) are most interested in dating or finding love.

When asked about the best ways to meet people and find love, single boomers surveyed agree on more traditional methods of finding companionship, with the top ways being: through friends/family (66%); social activities, fitness classes and clubs (56%); and church/place of worship (45%).

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