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Rise in the number of women requesting prenups

Family law solicitors in the UK have seen a rise in the number of women initiating requests for prenuptial agreements, according to a recent survey.


Find-a-solicitor service Contact Law polled 200 solicitors specialising in family law, and almost two thirds (62%) reported an increase over the past three years in the number of women enquiring about or instigating a prenuptial agreement.


Although in the majority of cases it is still the groom who is the main instigator of the prenup, more than one in five (21%) prenuptial requests or enquiries are now at the behest of the bride-to-be. This demonstrates a shift away from the old-fashioned belief that it is men who are most concerned about protecting their assets.


The survey also revealed that 83% of solicitors questioned have seen a rise in the overall number of enquiries about prenuptial agreements in the last three years. This increasing trend, according to 87% of those surveyed, is fuelled by a rise in the number of celebrities requesting prenuptial agreements.



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