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Conference to focus on needs of domestic violence victims

The European Network WAVE (Women against Violence Europe) is organising its 14th Annual Conference, which will focus on the needs of women and girls who have experienced violence and the services that support them.

The conference will highlight the need for gender specific approaches to combating violence, as well as ensuring that the economic crisis does not negatively impact the work of women’s organisations, which includes services for women and children that are critical and life-saving.

Despite decades of improvements and the persistent work of women’s organisations as well as many positive initiatives by governments, much work remains to be done to continue the momentum. At this point in time, some laws still lack effective implementation, professionals lack appropriate training to support and respond to women and girls, data collection is in need of improvement, and there is shortage of services, with those existing often being underfunded.

Based on WAVE research for the annual Country Report, in 2011, there were still over 52,000 shelter places missing in a total of 45 European countries, when taking into consideration the Council of Europe recommendation of one women’s shelter place per 10,000 inhabitants.

WAVE asks that all governments work to improve the situation for women and girls to ensure the availability of safe places and professional support.

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