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Calls For Fixed Fees Regarding Divorce

High Court Judge Mr Justice Mostyn has called for fixed fees and a cap on costs following a couple running up bills of just under £1 million in a divorce settlement.

£1 Million on Costs

Lawyers and experts were paid £920,000 in a dispute for close to £3 million worth of assets. Each party had their own expert team as well as lawyers, with £700,000 being spent in 8 months on costs.

The case, which spent 7 days in the High Court was deemed to be "almost impossible to compromise" with nine of the 18 pages of the report being dedicated to costs.

Call for Caps

The outcome and expenditure on the case led to Mr Justice Mostyn to demand caps for each stage of a family case as well as a cap on lawyers fees. Mostyn said: “The time has come when the law-makers in this country, whether they are legislators or judges, must stop saying something must be done and actually do something,”

The National Family Mediation has called for the legal profession to introduce a fixed-fee tariff for its work on family matters.

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