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No Such Thing as Gay Adultery in The UK

A woman has been unable to divorce her husband on the grounds of adultery because he did not commit adultery as he only had an affair with men.

Rather than citing adultery from her husband of 20 years, the woman was forced to cite unreasonable behaviour as the reason for the divorce. The man had affairs with at least ten different men throughout their marriage, and despite denying everything, the woman began divorce proceedings.

The matter, which came to light following a BBC Radio 4 phone in has since received national attention. According to the woman, she assumed that two of the grounds for divorce would be open to her in adultery and unreasonable behaviour, however, she was informed by her lawyer that adultery was not an option.

Although the woman citing for divorce could still obtain a separation through citing unreasonable behaviour as grounds, and that the issue did not affect the financial settlement, she told the BBC that she was in the minority of people in her situation who "care hugely about the betrayal and want to know that somebody somewhere has recognised that"

"It completely cuts underneath your sense of yourself, your sense of your marriage and you wonder why you were married to this person in the first place, did they ever love you?"

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