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Calls for change of law to allow adult adoption

Campaigners urging for the law in Scotland to be changed to allow for adult adoption have taken their case to MSPs in Holyrood to argue their case. Nathan Sparling, 28, gave evidence in front of the Scottish Parliament’s public petitions committee to fight for his want to be adopted by his step-dad at the age of 27.

Currently in the UK, the law allows children to be adopted up until the age of 18. However, it is reported that the majority of those wanting to be adopted do not know this until it is too late. Adult adoption is already legal in countries including Canada, Spain, Germany, the US, and Japan, where it is used as a means of keeping businesses in the family.

Originally hoping that the change would be as simple as rewording the Adoption & Child Act (Scotland) 2007, Sparling now understands he faces a tougher challenge. The current system means the rights and responsibilities of children are passed on to adoptive parents, and these rights and responsibilities are dissolved when the child turns 18; meaning a new system will need to be put in place for these laws to fit adults.

Other factors raised for the pros of adult adoption include:

  • Transferring Inheritance tax;
  • Restoring relationships between adult adoptees and biological families; and,
  • Formalising relationships of stepchild and step parent.

The Petitions Committee have said they would take submissions from any relevant groups for this proposal and would arrange a further session at a later date.

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